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  Drinking Water Systems - Pressure Coolers Ltd  

Pressure Coolers Limited was established in 1963 and is the Sole Distributor and Service Centre for OASIS pressure coolers and fountains as seen in many prestigious locations worldwide.

Pressure Coolers has been operating for longer than most of its competitors and has dealt with a very wide range of customers across all sectors of industry and commerce as well as almost every part of the public sector.

We cover the whole of the UK and are able to install and maintain machines anywhere in the country.

For a complete range of bottled Water Coolers, mains connected Fountains, Watercoolers and Undersink chillers for offices, showrooms, workplaces or the home.

Our bottled water coolers are available for purchase on-line.

Rental Terms

Pressure Coolers offers rental contracts of various lengths but normally with a minimum period of one year. Our rental price includes everything you would normally require, i.e. delivery, installation, maintenance, breakdown repair, sanitization and filter changes. The benefit to the customer is a fixed invoice once each quarter which is known in advance. You will receive your first invoice shortly after signing up for the service, and payment is normally made by direct debit directly to our bank account. Sanitisation and filter changes are routinely performed once every 6 months, but can be done more often by customer request for an additional charge.

Machine installation is included in the rental price as long as it is not unduly complicated. We need access to the mains water supply, ideally in a 15mm copper pipe, within 3 metres of the watercooler location. If it is further away it is possible that we might have to apply an additional installation charge. You will be told about this by the engineer who visits your site, before any charges are made. The site survey is free of charge. We also need a mains electricity supply nearby.

Standard office POU watercoolers only need a water feed into the cooler, but pressure fountains will also require a drain to take away waste water.

Rental vs. Purchase

Most of our machines are available on rental or purchase terms. You can choose whichever one best suits your needs, but bear in mind that rental is usually an all inclusive price so it will include delivery, installation, routine maintenance, breakdown repairs, sanitization and filter changes where applicable. If you purchase the machine outright, you will optionally be able to take out a maintenance and repair contract with us.

  Tel:    01322528888
Web: http://www.pressurecoolers.co.uk
Email: info@pressurecoolers.co.uk
Fax:   01322521828


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