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  Cool Science Talks for Key Stages 1 to 3 - Physics Farside  

Pete Wearn provides cool science talks for KS1 to KS3. Talks last about one hour with groups of 30-60 children. They are proving extremely popular to children and teachers alike and have ben delivered to over 60 schools in the first year of the service both in science events such as Sci-Tec and in school visits from large comprehensives to small village schools.

Choose from

Cool Chemistry .. lots of excitement and a few loudish bangs depending on age of audience. Good for reinforcing changes of state and reversible changes.Pete brings dry ice and liquid nitrogen with him.

Forces R Us .. this is a great talk and really reinforces the different types of force. Pete brings a Van de Graaf generator (hair raising)as well as helium balloons and railway trucks, cars and springy type bits. Its great to watch how absorbed pupils get in the various tasks they get to join in here.

Sound & Light .. apart from reinforcing the basics of sound vibratons, this talk looks at musical sounds, loudness and quality and goes on to studying light travel, different light sources and some bizarre properties of light.

Gravity & Space .. the missile launcher in this talk is very popular as is the large rocket model Pete will bring but the big plus here is that Pete can answer any questions that arise as he takes you round the universe with a spectacular slide slow.

Cost of talks varies from £100 to £250 depending on the options you choose. Each talks takes about an hour to set up either in the school hall or a classroom or for secondary schools a lab can be used if available.

Speaker has full CRB and Public Liability Insurance.

To book a visit ring 0115 9395635 .. don't hesitate to call for more details or with special requirements.

More detals of curriculum relevance and also short video clips are on the website at

  Tel:    0115 9395635
Web: http://www.physicsfarside.com
Email: petewearn@hotmail.com
Fax:   N/A


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