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  Payne Security - Payne Security  

Payne Security is one of the world's leading companies in the fields of brand protection, document authentication and personal ID solutions providing customers with an extended range of products designed to beat counterfeiters and prove personal identity.


We are able to offer a wide range of effective security solutions to protect products, brands and documents. From inks to lacquers, ID card laminates to labels, tear tapes to threads, our overt security, covert security and forensic technologies can be applied to a wide variety of consumer goods. Indeed our track & trace, anti-theft, tamper evidence and authentication solutions are already being used by leading international brands across the tobacco, alcohol, food & beverage, pharmaceutical and medical supplies markets.


As a company, Payne Security has been at the forefront of the ID cards industry for over 30 years. Our experience in working with both public and private sector organisations has enabled us to develop a comprehensive range of ID card solutions and ID card systems. Furthermore, our document authentication expertise gives us a unique advantage in creating the most secure ID card solutions in the UK today. From the latest Magicard ID card printers and sophisticated IDPro7 software to printer consumables and ID card accessories, such as stock lanyards, premium lanyards, standard lanyards and yo-yos, Payne Security is able to meet all your personal identification needs.

  Tel:    01352 758444
Web: http://www.payne-security.com
Email: info@payne-worldwide.com
Fax:   01352 752065


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