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  Parlok Water Management Ltd - Parlok Water Management  

Parlok Water Management, part of the Parlok group of companies, offer complete Rainwater Harvesting Systems and small scale Wastewater Treatment Plants for new build and retro fit domestic, commercial, public and agricultural properties.

Rainwater Harvesting provides an opportunity to offset water costs by displacing mains water with clean rainwater. Saving opportunities include: laundry, toilet flushing, garden irrigation, car washing and all other non potable water uses including animal drinking water.

Save up to 50% of your drinking (mains) water.

We use tried and trusted German manufactured products like the nimbus Rainwater Harvesting Systems and the solid clAir Wastewater Treatment Systems. These Systems have been used in the German market for the last twenty years and are market leaders in their respective fields.

Parlok offer the very best service in relation to preliminary planning, system design, help with installation, advice and after sales support.

Please visit: www.parlokrainwaterharvesting.co.uk or email either john@parlok.co.uk or ron@parlok.co.uk

Or if you prefer please call us on 01942 274777

  Tel:    01942 274777
Web: http://www.parlokrainwaterharvesting.co.uk
Email: john@parlok.co.uk
Fax:   01942 274773


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