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PRO4MA UK LTD has developed a simple to install wet room system, guaranteed against water penetration to the building substrate.
Creates water resistance on walls and floor prior to tiling.
Broken tiles can be replaced without causing damage to walls, floor or tray.
No need for fixing components or washers associated with other products.
Solvent welded joints for added strength and security.
No need to build support boxing for the trap element.
No need to reduce the height in floor joists.
900mm Tray is 10mm above floorboards.
1200mm Tray is 15mm above floorboards.
1500mm Tray is 20mm above floorboards.
1200 x 800mm Tray is 15mm above floorboards.
1400 x 900mm Tray is 20mm above floorboards.
1500 x 900mm Tray is 20mm above floorboards.
1700 x 800mm Tray is 20mm above floorboards.
We also stock height reducer for those 15 or 20mm above floor which reduces 20mm edge to 15mm and 15mm edge to 10mm.
Installation time of the FLOOR4MA is approximately 1 Hour.
No need to cut floorboards flush with adjoining walls, when installing FLOOR4MA.
WALL4MA boards are tongue & grooved for easy installation.

Fixing of accessories, towel rails, radiators etc can be screwed directly into WALL4MA boards as there are no rawl plugs required.
No need to use waterproof tape on tongue & grooved joints, only on butt joints.
Suitable for all types of tiles, even small mosaic.
Maximum area of floor board to be removed is 810mm x 810mm for MOST sizes of FLOOR4MA Trays.
Eliminates time consuming joinery work associated with other wet room trays.
Pipe boxings, bath surrounds, vanity tops, steps, seats etc can all be constructed from our product quickly and easily.
For construction, the material can be sawn, drilled, planed, routed, sanded, glued, nailed and screwed.
The boards offer excellent sound and insulating applications.
Suitable for underfloor heating.
Our products Fire resistant rating is B1.

  Tel:    0113 2526638
Web: http://www.totalwetroomsolutions.com
Email: sales@totalwetroomsolutions.com
Fax:   0113 2526638


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