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  Prison officer recommends slash resistant tops after surviving outrageous assault! - PPSS Group  

 On 8th June 2012 I had the genuine pleasure to meet proud ex-infantry soldier turned prison officer Craig Wylde, just over two years following the horrific assault on him by full time criminal and triple murderer Kevan Thakrar.

The above attack took place on 13th March 2010 at Frankland High Security Prison here in the UK, and left Craig fighting for his life, after he and two colleagues were brutally assaulted by the above ‘idiot’.  Craig was left with a severed artery in his left arm after the incident, which has turned his life completely upside down.  I have spent a few hours with Craig and his wife (and had several meetings and conversations with him since) and witnessed what an enormous impact this assault and subsequent injury had on this gorgeous young family’s day to day life.  It seems to be unbelievable, but nevertheless it is true, an ‘arm injury’ of this type can cause such immense level of distress, constant intense pain and test the strength of a family right to its core. Craig is currently taking 30 tablets a day to cope with all physical and psychological issues faced since the assault. The below image shows the open wound on the inside of his upper left arm, caused by a slash by Kevan Thakrar, using a broken bottle.

Please look at the most recent news:

Recent News – 4th June 2012: “Prisoner attacks guard with razor blade

Recent News – 22nd June 2012: “Thug Samuel Hall, 20, stabbed prison officer ‘after voices told him to kill”

Following the above assault at Frankland High Security Prison in 2010, we have developed a much more ‘low-profile’ type of PPE (Personal Protective Equipment): PPSS Slash Resistant T-Shirts!

Personal Protective Equipment in general is not about ELIMINATING the risk of workplace violence related injuries… it is all about REDUCING THE RISK within an environment where a risk has been identified! So in this instance let us ask ourselves the question: Is there a risk of assaults on prison officers within a Category A, B or even C prison?  Is the risk high enough to warrant the general issue of some type of protective equipment?

It’s very very similar to us wearing a seat belt in our car.  We don’t use a seat belt today because we know for sure we have an accident today. Neither do we use a seat belt because we are scared or paranoid, worrying that we might have a crash today.  No, not at all!  The reason why we wear a seat belt is that we do understand that we have a much higher chance of survival in case someone is drunk, plays on his mobile phone or is otherwise distracted and crashes into our car.

The seatbelt is unlikely to save our lives if the other person hits us front on with a speed of 1000 miles in hour.  However, it will ensure we survive the vast majority of all potential accidents… it is about REDUCING THE RISK!

Based on Craig’s opinion, personal comments we have received from dozens of his colleagues from around the world and on our many years of operational frontline experience within law enforcement and high risk security operations, we feel that high performance slash resistant t-shirts could be a real sensible option and solution, which makes unquestionable operational sense and would not restrict the wearers movement or restrict him in his duties. They also do not make the prison officer appear aggressive, confrontational or authoritative.

We are genuinely convinced that the severity of the injury would have been significantly reduced if Craig and Claire would have been issued with such slash resistant t-shirt.

Would such slash resistant t-shirts or tops eliminate the risk of workplace violence related injuries?  No, it will not!

Will they reduce the risk of workplace violence related injuries?  Yes, this is 100% guaranteed!

PPSS Cut Resistant Clothing has been tested to European, International and American cut resistance standards and offers previously unmatched cut, tear and abrasion resistance too.

SOMETHING must happen… otherwise we will sooner rather than later look at another fatality within this sector, which could be prevented by the issuing of the right type of PPE.

If you wish to express yourself and help us to understand your sector better, then please be so kind and take 5 minutes of your time and complete the following survey: SURVEY

Please email info@ppss-group.com call +44 (0) 845 5193 953 or visit www.ppss-group.com in case you wish to disuss this matter further.

Take good care

Robert Kaiser, CEO

PPSS Group

  Tel:    +44 (0) 845 5193 953
Web: http://www.ppss-group.com
Email: info@ppss-group.com
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