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  Experts in Innovative Knife Protection - PPSS  

PPSS is a specialist manufacturer of ultra lightweight and thin UK Home Office certified stab vests and stab proof vests, offering also unrivaled blunt trauma protection from kicks, punches or blows.rn

Having advised correctional facilities and prisons around the world in the potential use of covert/concealable stab vests and other types of body protection, PPSS have become a well respected authority within PPE and especially knife and blunt trauma protection.

PPSS have recently developed the World's strongest BS EN 388:2003 blade cut resistance level 5 textile, named Cut-Tex PRO, now being used to manufacture bespoke slash and cut resistant clothing for prisons, police, health & social care, housing and the private security sector.

Cut-Tex PRO lined slash and cut resistant boiler suits, sleeves, trousers, jackets, leather gloves and many other unique garments have been designed and manufactured, based on clear instructions and specifications from clients around the World.

Please feel free to contact PPSS should you have any questions in reference to either stab, cut or blunt trauma protection.




Prison Officers In Need For Extra Protection

Stab vests and similar types of body protection should be made available to prison officers immediately, says Robert Kaiser, CEO of UK based knife protection consultancy PPSS.

A zero tolerance and the recent upsurge in violence in British prisons, which included the vicious, callous and unprovoked assault on a female prison officer at high security Frankland prison, have been debated at the Prison Officer Association (POA) during their 71st Annual Conference and subsequent meetings.

Robert Kaiser states: “As much as we would like to, it’s unfortunately a matter of fact that we cannot change the aggressive behaviour of some prisoners.”

“A prisoner on the receiving end of a disciplinary can overreact to anything the officer says or does. There is also no doubt that a prisoner consuming any kind of class A drugs, illegal substance or self made alcohol can become hostile and violent within a split of a second.”

Colin Moses, Chairman of the Prison Officer Association (POA): "Violent action can erupt at any time, and the severity of the violence and subsequent injuries to our officers is increasing.”

Colin Moses continues: “We fully appreciate that prisoners should be treated fairly and we are more than happy to ensure that all of our actions comply with human rights, but we are also determined to ensure the personal safety of our members.  Would anyone expect their partner, child or friend to come home from work with a horrific injury?”

Robert Kaiser, a globally respected expert knife protective equipment points out that it is astonishing that 81% of prisons have Playstations worth £249.00 listed as one of the facilities available for prisoners, however prison officers dealing with these potentially hostile individuals on a daily basis have got no access to stab vests or body protection, also worth £249.00.

“For me it is simply common sense that prison officers should be protected from kicks, blows and punches as well as needles and razor blades.  Covert body protection must be made available now.”

“Recent changes within the law such as the Corporate Manslaughter and Corporate Homicide Act 2007 are going to put immense pressure on all key decision makers within the prison world.”

“If prison officers are not permitted to purchase stab vests or body protection or if the British Government is not taking all necessary actions to ensure the personal safety of their prison officers, we will be looking a liable cases within months from now.”

“It is a legal, but above all, a moral obligation.  We have to protect those who serve, care and risk their lives every day they go to work.” 

Robert Kaiser quickly added that "prevention is better than cure" and 'better safe than sorry' are two sayings which make more sense within personal safety than anywhere else.  Issuing stab vests or body protection means preventing fatal injuries.

"Every employee has the right to be equipped appropriately, and this must include prison officers.  They need our protection and help, and they need it now!”

PSS is inviting all prison officers to raise their voice and make their opinions known by completing the following survey:  http://www.ppss-group.com/surveys.html

Should you have any questions please feel free to contact PPSS on +44 (0) 845 5193 953 email info@ppss-group.com or visit www.ppss-group.com


  Tel:    0845 5193 953
Web: http://www.ppss.group.com
Email: info@ppss-group.com
Fax:   0845 5193 955


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