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  Mobile Phone related security products - PDA Electronics Ltd  
  PDA Electronics design and manufacture a range of handheld mobile phone detectors and miniature surveillance units. Already in use in UK prisons these units are ideal for detecting and locating unauthorised mobiles in government buildings, military establishments, police stations, law courts etc.

In addition to the detectors the company also produce both 2G and 3G reactive jammers. These pocket sized units remains inert until a threat from a mobile phone is detected. This makes their deployment almost impossible to detect.

The company has also produced a radio network security system which can be quickly deployed in areas where constant surveillance is required. Up to 32 remote detectors or jammers can be supported from a single console. Uses include prisons, securing meeting and conference rooms etc.

To compliment the detection products, a software forensic system can now be provided to analyse a wide variety of mobile phones.
  Tel:    01494-794949
Web: http://www.pdaelectronics.com
Email: sales@pdaelectronics.com
Fax:   01494-791820


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