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  Unbreakable Polycarbonate Drink Ware from Virtually Glass - Our Style Ltd  

We are proud to present polycarbonate glassware and other related products manufactured by Akvila in Finland. We make no excuse for supplying only top quality polycarbonate drink ware. We do not supply any disposable or single use products as we believe that polycarbonate plastic is the only material that satisfies the demands of today’s licensed trade, retirement home and event companies requirements.

Our full range of stemware, tumblers and beer glasses is suitable for all locations and businesses where the safety of customers, premises and staff are of concern. Health and safety officials, police authority's and trading standards officers agree that polycarbonate plastic is the only suitable material to use where a totally unbreakable glass that will not shatter or chard, will help save injury to both customers and businesses is of benefit

Our glasses are environmentally friendly where the production cycle only uses 10% of the energy used in the production of comparable real glass and as polycarbonate is 100% recyclable, 80% + energy savings can be made over comparable cost of recycling glass

Our classically designed range of glasses with their crystal clear finish is suitable for all occasions. They are commercial dishwasher and microwave proof and will not craze after a few washes. Our range is also available with Government approved CE marking and can be printed in up to 5 colours.

Please browse our web site, we are happy to answer any questions be email or phone

  Tel:    01252 625909
Web: http://www.virtually-glass.co.uk
Email: sales@virtually-glass.co.uk
Fax:   01252 625909


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