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  Computing with Vision - OmniPerception Ltd  


Automatic face recognition products

OmniPerception’s world-famous Affinity™ product range offers customers hitherto unachievable levels of speed, accuracy and reliability in face-activated biometric applications including physical and logical access, e-Passports, ID Cards, time and attendance; the prevention of fraud and identity theft; and also image capture and processing applications meeting the needs of the criminal justice community. These can also be achieved by integrators and solutions providers via the Affinity™ Software Development Kit.


The automatic brand analysis and logo detection system

OmniPerception’s Magellan™ installations provide the complete turn-key solution for customers who need automatic identification, analysis and reporting of brand exposure and product placement in TV, film and other image communications media - consistently and tirelessly making Magellan™ the most widely used product of its type in the world.


Enhanced intelligence and acuity in computer vision

OmniPerception’s unique Gama™ technology and software offers customers a new era in computer vision; with greatly improved scene awareness and object recognition in automated surveillance, reconnaissance and intelligence gathering applications.

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