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  Nowcomm Custody Video Service - Nowcomm Limited  

A smarter way to meet your PACE objectives.

The Nowcomm Custody Video Service is the first of its type and is fully Home Office approved.  It provides two-way high definition audio visual interactions with cell based detainees, from compatible end points, at any location across your network.  With connections securely controlled by the custody team, the solution enables your officers to fully meet the requirements of PACE interviews and always be confident about detainee wellbeing, even if they cannot be there in person.   It also offers wider benefits by enabling other partnership resources, such as those involved in Integrated Offender Management Programmes, to be quickly connected with detainees at any time and from any network location, improving outcomes for both the detainee and wider community.

The Nowcomm Custody Video Service.  Supporting modern policing. Available through G-Cloud.

Contact Carl Lewis at Nowcomm today to find out more.  Tel: 01332 821114 or clewis@nowcomm.co.uk



  Tel:    01332821114
Web: http://www.nowcomm.co.uk
Email: clewis@nowcomm.co.uk
Fax:   01332821133


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