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  Fume & dust extraction equipment & self-retracting hose & cable reels - Nederman UK  
  The desire for the creation of better working environments throughout UK Industry by removing hazards to health and safety, has provided a perfect outlet for the expertise of Nederman UK. Over sixty years of experience lies behind our organisations extensive range of products Nederman is the World leader in dust and fume extraction, exhaust extraction systems, hose reels and personal protection equipment. In addition we offer service, installation and maintenance including LEV testing. Our products are manufactured to the highest standards with the overriding aim of improving the industrial / manufacturing workspace for the benefit of employers and their employees. ... improving your workspace.  
  Tel:    01772 334721
Web: http://www.nederman.co.uk
Email: info@nederman.co.uk Nederman UK
Fax:   01722 315273


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