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  Muso Mirror is a portable music stand practice mirror to help improve technique, posture and tone - Muso Mirror Limited  

Muso Mirror Helping to Improve Your Posture, Health and Performance

Great form and posture establishes the foundation for beautiful playing. Poor form and posture not only makes an instrument more difficult to play but an lead to health issues such as severe back and neck pain. The Muso Mirror helps you to establish and maintain good posture at all times.

By helping musicians observe the quality of the physical movements involved in playing an instrument or singing, the mirror also helps improve the quality of the music itself. A violinists stiff shoulders and arms will get in the way of a pleasing sound; a singer s tight neck or jaw will cause the voice to become less resonant. By helping musicians observe undue tension in their bodies, the Muso Mirror makes possible a performance which is more fluid and lively, less tense and rigid.

Frederick Matthias Alexander, the actor after whom the Alexander technique is named worked with his voice problems by observing himself in mirrors in the act of vocalizing. If you were to use mirrors you may also see something that Alexander saw in himself, a tendency to tighten your neck as your head gets pulled back and down or poked forwards as you project your voice. This movement puts pressure on the larynx, restricts the free working of the vocal folds and in bad cases, causes nodules. The Muso Mirror provides you with a portable cost effective tool to easily setup for all your practice sessions.

Muso Mirror also helps to build confidence of the performer through helping them look ahead into the mirror and not down at their instrument.

  Tel:    07769 222 737
Web: http://www.musomirror.com
Email: alphonso@musomirror.co.uk


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