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A new £15m ‘through’ school on St Mary’s island has created a single base for teaching the Isles of Scilly’s 280 pupils aged from 3-16 years.
With the provision of a sports hall, indoor and outdoor educational and recreational facilities including a multi-use games area and hard play areas, the new school building will educate the islands’ pupils and provide facilities for the communities of the five inhabited islands.
The building is mainly single storey on three separate levels, reflecting the topography of the site. Large areas of glazing and natural daylight serve the internal spaces with remaining areas served by traditional windows. 
A focus for the design of the school, and key to the use of the building itself, was the need to keep things simple in order to ensure that maintenance of building services such as ventilation and lighting could be managed locally by islanders. With this in mind, design and build contractor Kier, Grainge Architects and building services designers Hulley & Kirkwood selected Monodraught to provide a natural ventilation and daylighting strategy. 
A specification was drawn up to meet the school’s required performance and, following a value engineering exercise to ensure that the strategy was available within budget, Monodraught supplied and installed twenty of its Windcatcher Classic natural ventilation systems, four Windcatcher X-Air natural ventilation systems, twenty-two Sunpipe natural daylighting systems and eight Suncatchers, which combine the principles of the Windcatcher and Sunpipe systems. 
Fourteen of the Windcatchers provide natural ventilation for reception, primary and secondary classrooms, a nursery, art classroom and two science laboratories. The other six Windcatchers serve food technology and textiles classrooms, corridors, an office and a staffroom and the Windcatcher X-Air systems provided natural ventilation in the school’s Sports Hall. 
Classrooms and corridors also benefit from natural daylight provided by Sunpipes, which are also installed in toilets, workrooms, a meeting room and a hygiene and physiotherapy room.
The Monodraught Suncatchers, which are installed in a science prep room, a senior staff room and a number of meeting rooms and community areas, provide all the benefits of natural daylight as well as controlled natural ventilation, in a single unit. Just like the Windcatchers, any prevailing wind pressure carries a continuous fresh air supply through weather protected louvres on the windward side of the system at roof level. The wind movement is encapsulated by internal quadrants which turn the wind through 90° forcing air down through internal ducts into the rooms and areas below, slightly pressurising the internal space. Warm, stale air is expelled from the spaces below by the passive stack ventilation principle of differential temperatures and the natural buoyancy of air movement. The central Sunpipe is integrated into the system and conveys natural daylight to the same rooms.
Steve Rosewell of contractor Kier says the Monodraught natural ventilation and daylight strategy complements other environmental initiatives such as air source heat pumps as the main heat source, a solar thermal hot water system and three rainwater recovery tanks.
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