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  Leading manufacturer of commercial laundry and dishwashing equipment. - Miele Professional Limited  

Miele commercial machines represent the professional and economic approach to a wide range of laundry care applications, thorough dishwashing and the hygienic reprocessing of instruments and laboratory glassware.
Miele Professional is represented throughout the world by subsidiaries.

Miele products have been tried and tested in practical real-life applications the world over.

Washer-extractors with load capacities of between 5 and 32 kg and a high g-factor for short drying times
Tumble dryers with Troctronic controls for pre-selected residual moisture levels or time-controlled drying
Perfect laundry finish with flatwork ironers for return- or throughfeed operation.
Payment systems for cashless transactions
Commercial dishwashers take care of the hard work
Flexible solutions for central and decentral reprocessing of instruments and laboratory glassware
Practical accessories for a variety of applications (laundry tubs and trolleys, baskets, inserts, water treatment systems, conveyors with automatic mobile unit recognition for washer-disinfectors)
For over 100 years Miele has been a trailblazer in the development of laundry machines and cleaning processes:
Freely programmable Profitronic controls to cater for individual customer requirements
Excellent cleaning solutions, e. g. for outer garments (Miele System Kreussler) or bedding (Soft Clean System)
Close cooperation with users, experts in textile and process technology and test institutes
Over 3 decades at the forefront of developing cleaning and disinfecting machines.

Development of the DESIN vario TD process for processing sensitive materials.

  Tel:    0845 330 3618
Web: http://www.miele-professional.co.uk
Email: miele-professional@miele.co.uk


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