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  Powerful Industrial Vacuum Cleaners & Dust Extraction Systems - Michael Williams Engineering Ltd  

The Big Brute Vacuum Cleaner range is one of the largest available, starting with a number of variants of the Big Brute Economy Vac up to the very robust Mega Dump again available in a plethora of variants. Within the range there are machines designed to deal with almost every kind of product imaginable, from fine carbon dust to heavy machined swart, from water to thick sludge and we have made bespoke units for the Car industry, the Food industry, the Brewing industry even the specialist Palm Oil industry in Malaysia

The Dust Extraction arm of the Company is ideal placed to offer not only manufacturing facilities but also Design and Installation services. Be it a Cloth Filter system or a Wet Filter one, We manufacture most of the equipment we need and often build specifically to customer requirements, using sophisticated software to ensure the correct performance of the system.

  Tel:    01223 882222
Web: http://www.bigbrute.co.uk
Email: info@mikewill.co.uk
Fax:   01223 882598


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