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  Green Answer to Drainage Problems - Mechline Developments Limited  


Kitchens are a common cause of blocked or foul drains because all caterers have to deal with fats, oils and greases (FOGs) from washing pots and baking pans, crockery and from clearing up cooking spills.

Many caterers are careful about minimising the amount of fats etc. that go down the drain. But no matter how much detergent is used or how hot the wash or rinse water, fats and grease will escape into the drains during the washing and cleaning processes.

FOGs will eventually build-up into a smelly, sticky mess that traps other food debris, eventually causing total blockage.

One solution — that some caterers have tried — is to use a mechanical grease trap in the kitchen. Grease traps need emptying regularly. They smell, can harbour pests and are considered by many operators as a hygiene hazard that should never have been placed in kitchens in the first place.  Grease traps also require costly service agreements.

The GREEN solution is to use GreasePaK — an easy to install and use system which keeps drains clear of FOGs using “bio-remediation” to break down FOG particles and prevent the build-up of grease. This natural process leaves drains clear and the effluent safe and harmless to enter the sewage treatment system.
GreasePaK will also increase the efficiency of mechanical grease traps, greatly reducing the amount of time and labour needed to keep these systems clean and hygienic.

GreasePaK is a “no maintenance, non hazardous” dispenser system that uses easily—replaced lightweight boxes of GreasePaK MSGD bacteria — the most powerful battery of enzymes available and unique to Mechline.

For further expert comment, contact: Elisa McCarthy at Mechline: T:  01908 261511

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