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  Powered Mobility Stairclimbers, Evacuation Chairs, DDA, Access / Egress Solutions - Manual Handling Solutions  

Manual Handling Solutions (MHS.COM Ltd) provide solutions for climbing stairs using manual and motorised stairclimbers and stair climbing equipment. Manual Handling Solutions (MHS.COM Ltd) provide sales and service for powered stair climbers, as well as help with disabled access issues; we can also provide information on the Disability Discrimination Act (DDA) As well as providing cutting edge innovations to aid Social inclusion, Paediatrics and Evacuation while serving the Occupational Therapists, Social Services and other industries, Manual Handling Solutions (MHS.COM Ltd) also specialise in providing Cargo Handling Solutions helping businesses to eliminate work related repetitive strain and musculoskeletal injuries and attendant costs.

Working with Industry Manual Handling Solutions (MHS.COM Ltd) are committed to helping to reduce the causes of work related spinal injuries.
Manual Handling Solutions (MHS.COM Ltd) stairway evacuation chairs provide up and down solutions for people with a mobility impairment / reduced mobility in an emergency. As a leading supplier of Powered Mobility Stairclimbers and Evacuation Chairs we are capable of carrying people, manual & electric wheelchairs up and down stairs.
We provide a highly flexible approach to the very best Stair Climber and Evacuation Chair training. We can train Individuals, Staff Members or Senior Trainers, but our aim is to work in partnership with our clients needs. Our team of Stair Climber and Evacuation Chair trainers offer a wealth of experience in the equipment. Our experience of managing the delivery of Stair Climber and Evacuation Chair training programmes is second to none. Certificates are issued to trained operators.
Manual Handling Solutions (MHS.COM Ltd) also offer a comprehensive range of industrial handling products from Scissor Tables to Powered Pallet Trucks; please view our web site www.manualhandlingsolutions.com for a full overview.
We are a progressive company that supplies ergonomic handling equipment to UK industries. We supply to all industries specialising in food, beverage, and distribution, pharmaceutical, chemical and logistics. We are able to design lifting and handling equipment to suit and we work closely with customers in meeting their requirements.

Our equipment is designed to help companies comply with current Manual Handling and Health & Safety regulations.
On our range of Powered Mobility Stairclimbers and Evacuation Equipment we offer a free no obligation onsite demonstration throughout the UK
The most comprehensive range of evacuation equipment to help you meet your obligations
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  Tel:    01553 811977
Web: http://www.manualhandlingsolutions.co.uk
Email: sales@manualhandlingsolutions.co.uk
Fax:   01553 811004


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