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  Loo of the Year Awards - Loo of the Year Awards  

BACKGROUND Since its introduction in 1987, the annual Loo of the Year Awards competition has helped focus the spotlight on 'away from home' toilets throughout the UK. The Awards are owned and run independently and are supported by the national tourism bodies of England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland and Jersey.
A Loo of the Year Award is recognised as a UK standard for toilet provision. The Awards have a simple objective, namely, to encourage and recognise the highest possible standards in all types of 'away from home' or public toilets.

Everyone has a shared responsibility to make this happen - toilet providers, managers, washroom suppliers, contractors, staff, visitors and customers - all toilet users. Loo of the Year Awards entrants enjoy a valuable independent assessment of their toilet provision, cleanliness and maintenance, enjoy recognition for their performance and the opportunity to win a national or UK award.

ENTRY INFORMATION Loo of the Year Awards are open to all 'away from home' toilets in any one of the sixty different entry categories. An entry consists of one set of male, female, accessible, and (baby) changing facilities, in relatively close proximity but not necessarily on the same floor or in the same immediate area.

Changing Places toilet facilities and School Hygiene Rooms may also be included in a set. Any number of entry sets can be submitted, covering different locations in the same or separate buildings, towns or cities. All male, female, accessible and baby changing facilities will be separately graded and the overall entry grade will be the aggregate grading awarded for the whole entry.
Entry Fees are discounted for volume of entries with optional report with recommendations for improvements.

Entrants complete an Entry Form and send their completed entry form to: Loo of the Year Awards, PO Box 847, Horsham, RH12 5AL or scan and email to information@loo.co.uk, or enter on-line at www.loo.co.uk.

AWARDS ENTRY CRITERIA Any type of 'away from home' toilet can be nominated or entered in the competition, in any of the sixty separate Awards categories listed on the entry form. Entries are accepted from anywhere in England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland, the Republic of Ireland, the Channel Islands or the Isle of Man.

JUDGING CRITERIA All competition entries will receive a grading, ranging Bronze, Silver and Gold to Platinum, following an unannounced visit by an authorised and experienced Loo of the Year Awards Inspector. All entries receive an Award Grading Certificate. Each entry is fully assessed against the 100 judging criteria, covering male, female, baby change and accessible facilities as well as any Changing Places or school Hygiene Rooms.

NATIONAL AWARDS Any entry receiving a Gold or Platinum grading may be considered for one of ten major NATIONAL AWARDS  one each for England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland and the Channel Islands:
TROPHIES There are UK/Republic of Ireland trophies for each National Award plus the following awards: 'Champions League' 'Standards of Excellence' 'Local Authorities Public Toilets' 'Premier League' Market Sector Awards Corporate Provider Trophy Overall Loo of the Year Award Winner Trophy

THE ATTENDANT OF THE YEAR AWARDS The Attendant of the Year Awards form part of the annual Loo of the Year Awards but relate specifically to the cleaning staff that looks after facilities, rather than the loos themselves. While the range of gradings and National Loo of the Year Awards and Trophies provide adequate recognition for the loos and their providers, it is the people who look after each facility be they individual full time attendants, in-house cleaning teams or external cleaning contractors, who also deserve recognition. There are a number of Attendant of the Year Award winners in England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland, the Channel Islands and a National Winner for each country. There are also three UK/Republic of Ireland trophies.

ANNUAL AWARDS EVENT The Prestigious Event is a day time Event held at the elegant St Johns Hotel Solihull. The Hotel is 10 minutes by taxi from Birmingham International Airport, 10 minutes drive from M42 or M6 and walking distance from the Solihull railway station. There is also extensive parking available in the hotel grounds. The fun Event combines presentation of awards with excellent hospitality, first class after lunch entertainment and a supplier's exhibition in a suite adjacent to the main Event suite where we have 350 guests attending. The event is extensively covered by the media. Go to www.loo.co.uk, email information@loo.co.uk or phone 01403 258779 for further details.

  Tel:    +44(0)1493 258779
Web: http://www.loo.co.uk
Email: information@loo.co.uk


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