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  Interactive Maths Teaching Software - Living Worksheets  

Living Worksheets® offer compendiums of Interactive Mathematical Worksheets, puzzles, tools and lesson Starters for networked and stand-alone computer use at key stages 2,3 and 4. All material can be used with an Interactive Whiteboard.

All activities are written using Microsoft ® Excel and run under a browser interface in a 'home in' menu system that targets topic and level. The compilations are drawn from over 4000 interactive applications that range from 'self-marking' Worksheets to geometrical and data handling tools where diagrams and questions respond to variables. Includes some 1200 lesson starters designed for Interactive Whiteboard use and many interactive puzzles. The marking is of the form that indicates mathematical truth, allowing a student to correct any mistakes at the point of making them, enabling progress in a secure environment. Living Worksheets do not record performance or progress as are primarily provided as a teaching and learning resource that relies on success and feedback for motivation. Designed, written and produced in their entirety by an active maths teacher. The material covers the majority of the Mathematical Curriculum and Numeracy Strategy needs for all of Key Stages 2, 3 and 4. All material is Curriculum Online accredited and qualifies for eLCs use. Licences are available that allow the material to be used over the Internet from a schools own secure site so that registered students can access the material at home.

  Tel:    07791243779
Web: http://www.livingworksheets.co.uk
Email: info@livingworksheets.co.uk
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