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  Living Green - Living Green  

Living Green is a new environmental education series that looks at the impact man is having on the world around him. This exciting new resource includes games, worksheets and activities to highlight areas of environmental concern. In addition the resource explores environmental issues from different curriculum perspectives. It is the perfect addition to any school’s resource library.

Volume 1: My Home

The first volume in the series looks at the home. How our everyday lives affect the environment and the changes we can make to live greener lives. The four volume series will expand to include the following:

Volume 1: My Home

Volume 2: My School (January 2008)

Volume 3: My Town (Spring 2008)

Volume 4: My World (Summer 2008)

Volume 1: My Home

How often do you forget to switch off a light? Or just throw away that package because it’s easier than the alternative? Living Green: My Home looks at recycling, energy in the home and assessing your own carbon footprint. Find out how changes to your routine needn’t cost the earth.

Each volume of Living Green is packed with interactive games, worksheets and activities that highlight key environmental issues in a fun and inventive way. Explore the interactive house learning about the environmental cost of living and the difference recycling can make.

The worksheets included in the pack provide activities that enable students to look at the world around them and how they can make a difference; they provide environmentally themed subject activities relating to mathematics, history, politics and English as well as other areas. They also look at viable alternatives to energies that are linked to environmental problems.

The activity section of the pack includes a range of classroom and outside activities to promote green issues in school and in the wider community. Working in groups to solve the environmental puzzles students find out about the environment around them.


This comprehensive resource is available for just £29.99 + p&p.

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Web: http://www.leafsystems.com/livinggreen.html
Email: info@leafsystems.com
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