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  Kites for Schools - Kites for Schools  

Kite kits can be made by the whole school in around 20 minutes.

Kits contain everything required to build the kites even including a free single hole punch.

These kites will fly in very small areas and work even for inner city schools.

Best suited for 6-12 years old.

Our diamond kites fly higher and launch easier than any other kite shape and are guaranteed to fly.

They fly from the lightest of winds right up to moderately strong gusts and even fly when wet.

Kits come in packs of 20 or 100 and cost from 99p per kite  + VAT + p&p.

Visit www.kitesforschools.co.uk for a FREE SAMPLE KITE for your school or youth group such as brownies and cubs.

Visit www.kitesforschools.co.uk for top tips for a great kite day.rn


See how these kite kits can work for your school's:

  • celebration
  • sports day
  • holiday activities
  • healthy living project
  • multicultural events, and
  • science projects

  Tel:    01308 456 274
Web: http://www.kitesforschools.co.uk
Email: kites@kitesforschools.co.uk
Fax:   08082 342 377


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