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The Kanga 5 Series GA-524 & DL520
The Kanga 5 Series remains the cornerstone of the Kanga Mini Loader family. In May 06 a new, totally revised model entered the market. Now powered by 4 wheel motors, offering more speed, the 5 Series has also witnessed an increase in ground clearnace, operating weight and fuel capacity.

The Kanga 6 Series - GA-624 & DA-625

The technically advanced 6 Series model was first released in Kanga's 25th year of operation. In May 2006, Kanga Loaders released the new 6 Series featuring even more power performing features. Now available with upto 25hp, increased ground clearance and operating weight. The Kanga 6 Series has once again reinforced its premier status within the mini loader market.

The Kanga 7 Series - GA-724 & DA-725

Kanga’s 7 Series ‘Fat Track’ was the first of its kind to be introduced to the market. In May 06 the next generation of 7 Series Loaders was released. The new 7 Series offers increase power and performance through greater horse power, increased ground clearance, lift capacity and soft touch controls. With tracks as standard, the Kanga 7 Series can work in all weather conditions including rain, mud, soft sand and snow.

The Kanga 8 Series - TD-825 & WD-825

The ‘Maxi’ 8 Series is the latest addition to the Kanga team and the only machine of its type in the market. The ‘Maxi’ 8, was designed through a major investment in state of the art design software, thanks to a company record, research and development budget. Furthermore, consultation with various larger based buyers also assisted in the loaders design and relevant applications. Powered by a 25HP Kubota Diesel, with 2 Speed Transmission and 4 hydraulic drive motors, the ‘Maxi’ 8 is the largest and strongest stand on mini skid steer loader in the market. With a longer wheel base, higher lifting and reach capacity, built in back protection, 12 volt power outlet and work lights, nothing can compare to this new dynamo that packs plenty of GRRRRRRRUNT.


  Tel:    0845 260 4800
Web: http://www.kanga-loader.com
Email: europe@kanga-loader.com
Fax:   0845 260 4801


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