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  Piano Distributor - Sales, Event Hire, Musicians, Pianodisc installation and Servicing - J&M Pianos  

With over three generations experience dealing with pianos, we are a family business founded by both concert pianists and music teachers.

We offer brand new Niemeyer, Bechstein-Samick, Yamaha and Feurich pianos and a range of fully reconditioned models. All of these represent the very best value for money in the piano business today, providing the perfect piano for any level of playing expertise. All our pianos come with a five year guarantee and are built to last a lifetime.

In addition to supplying top quality pianos at reasonable prices we also offer a Hire with Purchase Option. As every pianist knows, a beginner practising on an old, cheap, poor quality piano or with an insufficient electric keyboard will develop bad technical habits and, as is often the case, can seriously discourage them for life. On the other hand, buying a good quality piano could turn out to be costly should the interest fade or you decide you prefer another piano. This is where we suggest our hire option which only costs between £12 and £30 per week. Should you wish to purchase the piano at the end of the rental period, not only will we refund 100% of your rental fees, but we also price the piano significantly less than the high street retail price.(upgrading on purchase is also possible).

  Tel:    08081606170
Web: http://www.jmpianos.co.uk
Email: info@jmpianos.co.uk
Fax:   08450090591


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