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  InterfaceFLOR is a manufacturer of environmentally responsible carpet tiles. - InterfaceFLOR  

InterfaceFLOR provides flooring solutions to improve the effectiveness of educational facilities. Carpet tiles have sound absorption properties which reduce distractions and noise, maiking it easier for students to study and teachers to teach.

It improves comfort underfoot which helps reduce fatigue. Soft flooring protects against slips and falls. Plus it is easy maintenance

Soft flooring provides improved indoor air quality by trapping dust particles.

Installation is simple and cost effective with up to 90% less waste than roll carpet installations. It installs twice as fast as roll carpet.

Intercell® is a cable management system designed to accommodate and conceal complex wiring at floor level. Intercell® is space-efficient, strong and flexible when used with carpet tiles.

Cool Carpet® is a scheme which makes it possible for your purchase to be ‘climate neutral’. This means that in conjunction with Climate Care, any greenhouse gases (GHGs) which are emitted during the lifecycle of the product are offset.

ReEntry® is a scheme to reclaim as much end-of-life product as possible. We will arrange for any InterfaceFLOR carpet tiles to be diverted from landfill and repurposed through one of our registered charity partners.

easy to clean and easily replaceable when damage or spills occur, reducing costs.
  Tel:    01274 690690
Web: http://www.interfaceflor.eu
Email: enquiries@interfaceflor.eu
Fax:   01274 699300


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