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  The Drugs Box® - Drug and Alcohol Education - Interactive Social Media Ltd  

Interactive Social Media Ltd produces a range of interactive kiosks and software around Drug and Alcohol education. Products range from desktop kiosks, large foyer systems through to interactive touch screen vending machines

The Drugs Box®

The Drugs Box® is an interactive touch screen drugs education system that requires no user expertise which can be used for any age group. By the use of owner designed quiz questions answers are stored and later uploaded to a database. The information can then be used to research current situations, confirm already known data or used to support ideas, proposals or future actions.

As the data is raw and un-processed from the source credibility cannot be questioned.

Once sufficient data has been recorded any changes can be quickly identified and corrective actions taken. Local, regional and nation data comparisons are possible which will provide ongoing references for planning and action programs required in any sized area.

Each Drugs box kiosk can be loaded with any of the following 5 software packages. The data from the usage of all the software and responses to quiz question can then all be tracked by managers through logging on to a special customer section at

The Drugs Box®I Schools/Kiosk (software) Providing Key stages 2 to 4 with relevant up-to-date drugs awareness information and giving staff daily view of drugs knowledge in their school community. The impact of your educational initiatives can now be measured using our anonymous tracking system which categorises by age and gender.

The Drugs Box®- II Intervention (software) This new edition of The Drugs Box® offers best practice and worst pitfalls across a range of intervention strategies. Includes the issues and effects of drug testing approaches in schools and the workplace. Using simple language and clear definitions the Intervention Edition clarifies this emotional time for parents and teenagers then also outlines the legal aspects of drugs intervention for the workplace.

The Drugs Box® III - Treatment (software) Following on from work with the Home Office and Central Office of Information. Available to regional or national agencies, treatment centres, probation and police forces. The system provides a network of access points via wall-mounted touch-screens, foyer stands and laptops.

Personalised log-ins allow clients and carers to stay in touch with all the relevant info from arrest to accommodation, drug testing to drug counselling.

Drink Angel (Software)

A new programme aimed at KS3/4 is currently in development scheduled for release early summer 2007. Interactive programme that deals with the issue of Alcohol. By entering drinking habits and consumption data programme will show the effects on health over a period of time

This programme is intended to increasing the awareness of the long term dangers of this current escalating trend of alcohol misuse within the youth culture.

Features include;

Healthcare statistics reveal the true social cost of social drinking

Regional comparison to promote discussion

Quizzes track knowledge levels, localised surveys engage target


Service impact measured over set time periods, re-in forcing health

promotion messages,

The Witness Box™ (Software)

The Witness Box programme has been designed in conjunction with the Victim Support Humber and is intended to be used with individuals or in groups with white board functionality. It has been produced for young people in primary KS1or 2.

Subjects covered are ASBO’s, Bullying, Domestic Violence, Racism, Robbery and Violence.

Animal characters present differing scenarios in the above situations; participants are invited to place words on to the character representing feelings associated with the situation. A wall containing a selection of applicable words is placed below the characters. Questionnaires are also available to gather further information in each scenario along with contacts for providing help.

This programme is a tool for working with primary aged children to identify and deal with the subject matter in a non threatening approach. Use of this programme stimulates discussions and maybe helpful in identifying current situation and problems.


Medi+Vend system is an interactive touch screen vending Kiosk that can be placed in most environments to provide information, products and services to pre-registered and non registered users on a full range of issues including Sexual Health, General Health, Needle exchange and Telemedicine applications.

Software installed would provide information and services available in your area.

The Medi+Vend system will provide a 24/7 service which can distribute items such as Condoms, Testing kits and other items free of charge to pre registered users or chargeable to any system user.

For more information please contact us on 01482 327588

Animations show effects of alcohol consumption of the human body
  Tel:    01482 327588
Web: http://www.thedrugsbox.com
Email: sales@thedrugsbox.com
Fax:   01482 328933


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