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  Employees clock in with their hands - Insite Solutions Ltd  
  Providers of Biometris time and attendance systems to the hospitality and healthcare industrys.
Our system will reduce your wage costs from 2%-5%.
Our rosta based software produces over 100 reports including Timesheet,labour ,absence,lateness and much more. Timesheets can be linked to your payroll system.
Insite solutions provide a real return on yourinvestment.
Isn't it time you took back control of your biggest expenditure? Access Control and Positive Employee Identification are both becoming compelling factors in the decision many industries are making to use automated entry system. Established in 1996,
Timepoint have evolved to become the leading providers in 'time and attendance' software solutions, which have been implemented extensively throughout the UK.
  Tel:    0161 975 6143
Web: http://www.totalinsite.co.uk
Email: info@totalinsite.co.uk
Fax:   0161 975 6001


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