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  Insectron - Insect Exterminators from Berson - Insectron  

A single house fly can carry several million bacteria, so the potential for microbial contamination in hygienic processes such as food manufacturing is very real if there is insufficient protection against these and other flying insects. The Petri dish in the picture, on which a housefly has walked, clearly demonstrates the risks. On it are many bacterial colonies, including the highly dangerous Salmonella.

The Insectron range is designed to tackle this kind of contamination by meeting the highest standards for hygiene, food safety and quality assurance set by industry throughout the world. Examples of the regulations where Insectron is very suitable for include HACCP and BRC standards.

Insectron is an insect exterminator which utilises ultraviolet (UV-A) and green light to attract flying insects, particularly flies, which are very sensitive to these two light sources.

It is designed especially for industrial, rather than domestic, use. Applications are wide-ranging and include food processing, dairy and fish farms, livestock and poultry farms, paper and sugar factories and industries as packaging, pharmaceutics, cosmetics, etc.

From its very inception the Insectron range has combined the highest built quality with far-sighted innovation. As a result, Berson has been able to anticipate new developments, such as the introduction of HACCP, and been ready with new Insectron technology to meet industry's changing needs.

A key factor in the Insectron's evolution is continuous research, which is carried out in collaboration with universities, research institutes and industry.

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