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  it has to be induction - it has to be Induced Energy - Induced Energy Ltd  
Specialising in the design and manufacture of professional induction hobs, Northamptonshire-based Induced Energy has built up an enviable reputation for performance and reliability. Indeed, since it first opened its doors for business back in 1991, the company has consistently raised the bar with its comprehensive CS3000 range, which offers a number of unique features.
All Induced Energy products feature cooking zones that provide the full 3kW of power that professionals demand. Recent tests have shown that the CS3000 range produces the fastest rolling boil in the sector, with the new range delivering the same power to the pan as the company’s previous 3.5kW model. That's energy saving.
It is a fact: use induction just once and you'll never want to use anything else. It will do everything you can do on gas, but also much, much more. It is, for instance, 50% more energy efficient than halogen and 86% more energy efficient than gas. Extraction costs are also significantly reduced, and of course there is no requirement to install expensive gas cut-off equipment.
Induction produces no poisonous exhaust gases or wasted background heat.
There are no carbon deposits either on pans or on the hob surface which prevents unhealthy carcinogenic carbon particles in the air around the cooking area.
This is a company that is constantly researching and developing new products. For example, Induced Energy is launching a 2 x 1/1 gastronorm Induction Keep Hot concept, the iPlate. This either drops into a counter top or can be fited invisibly underneath, and produces a great energy saving as energy will only be used once the hot food is placed on the top in an induction-friendly container.
Induced Energy is also markets a mobile unit that incorporates the company’s 4- ring induction system, a ventilation canopy above it, and space for an oven or fridge underneath. Ideal for any location where there is a problem with ventilation or cooking smells, the industry first caught sight of the Mobile Cooking Station at the Ace Ready Steady Cook show in London.
As featured in Grand designs, Induced Energy supplies  an induction hob to work through Pyrolave, a volcanic stone that can be made into dazzling coloured counter tops. The unique capability of the Induced Energy induction gives an impressive depth of field. This means that the magnetic cooking zone extends about 30mm above the surface of the hob, with the chef actually being able to cook through the Pyrolave. This amazes onlookers, as it looks astonishing and they can't understand how you can cook through the stone counter? Designers love it and it's an incredibly novel feature. Besides Grand Designs these units are now in use in Australia and the Maldives, underlining the company’s commitment to creativity and innovation.
So if you want to save energy- and there can’t be many people who don’t- telephone 01280 705900. Alternatively, visit the website at www.inducedenergy.com
  Tel:    01280 705900
Web: http://www.inducedenergy.com
Email: rosie@inducedenergy.com
Fax:   01280 705270


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