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  Radio Communication Equipment Suppliers - Icom (UK) Ltd  

Whether you are looking for an easy to use radio for a store assistant in a retail outlet or whether you need a guard tour radio to identify the position of a warden at a prison, Icom's range can satisfy a wide variety of requirements.

Mobile communications are vitally important to many businesses. Two Way Radio communications delivers a highly cost-effective business communication solution. Just as there are many areas of business, there are also many types of two-way radio. Icom radio communications make business lives easier by providing a comprehensive range of base-station, mobile and handheld units covering many frequency bands to satisfy professional users who may work in building security, public safety, retail, events etc.

Icom's commercial handheld range is varied and starts from discrete compact licence free radios such as the IC-4088SR to more rugged handheld transceivers such as the IC-F3062/F4062 Advanced Handheld Series that offer multiple signalling and enhanced features.

Presently, Icom is concentrating on the development of digital radio products by developing ultra-narrowband 6.25kHz digital protocol based on 4-level FSK/FDMA technology. The IC-F3062/4062 Series features this technology - just plug in an optional board and benefit from 6.25kHz digital capability.

Icom is also instrumental in developing the protocol for the new dPMR446 digital licence-free standard in Europe. A first in the market (as researched by Icom in February 2006), the IC-F4029SDR professional licence free digital transceiver is compliant with ETSI TS 102 490 and EN 301 166-2 specifications. The IC-F4029SDR brings users better digital clarity, razor sharp signalling performance and access to less congested digital PMR channels.

Icom's commercial mobile range consist of transceivers for vehicle users who require a rugged but simple model such as the IC-F110S to those who want a more powerful, programmable transceiver with an abundance of features such as the IC-F1710. Many Icom mobiles can be housed in a Power Supply and be used as a base station.

When you need to enhance your radio coverage, the IC-FR3100/FR4100 repeater series will extend the operating range of a radio scheme even further. To complement this series, Icom have recently introduced the MRP Repeater series, a new, low cost repeater that gives greater flexibility as it uses a combination of Icom mobiles as VHF to VHF, UHF to UHF, or cross band repeater. The MRP Repeater is very compact, incredibly flexible so that it is possible to install the repeater in a vehicle, an office, or a temporary location (subject to licence conditions.)

Icom now manufacture a range of ATEX approved equipment including the ccompact, waterproof commercial IC-F51 (VHF) and IC-F61 (UHF) transceivers and its commercial-grade IC-M87 marine handheld. Each model has been tested and approved in compliance with European Directive 94/9EC (certified to ATEX level Ex II 2 G EEx ib IIA T3.), for use in potentially explosive atmospheres.

To integrate all of Icom's commercial range, Icom have several available system products. RMS-Net is a single software solution that merges radio and computer technology to provide organizations with a host of management and Health and Safety benefits. RMS-Net software integrates desktop PC's, Icom handportables, base-station and talk-through repeaters into a single sophisticated system and is capable of working on a local or wide area network. A central computer logs all radio traffic whilst desktop users stay in touch via their own computer! RMS-Net supports a broad range of communication methods including SELCALL, FFSK (allowing text messaging), GPS and mapping. Based on customer requirements RMS-Net offers essential safety features such as Mandown alerts, panic buttons and anti-theft devices.

With RMS-Net you can add other Icom system products such as the I-Loc Security Management System or I-Read Guard Tour Management System. This means that RMS-Net can be used in a variety of areas where Health & Safety, communication and management control are of importance such as Prisons, Shopping Centres, Schools, Colleges or any area of high security risk.

All Icom Commercial radios are backed up by a 2-year warranty and are supported by a wide range of accessories.

  Tel:    01227 741741
Web: http://www.icomuk.co.uk/commercial
Email: sales@icomuk.co.uk
Fax:   01227 741742


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