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  Our company specialises in the construction of IBIX portable eco-blasters. - Ibix UK Ltd  


Ibix UK Ltd sell specialist portable blasting equipment manufactured by Ibix Special Cleaning, Italy.  The Ibix System uses ecological soft blasting medium which is environmentally friendly, for the cleaning, maintenance and preparation of surfaces prior to coating and restoration.
The Ibix Ecoblaster is lightweight, small and mobile and can be carried onto any site by one operator.  It is easy to use, economical and very efficient.
Sectors for Use:
1. Buildings – Architectural Structures, Monuments, Reconstruction Firms, Painters and Decorators, Marble Workers, Wood Restoration, Brick and Stone Cleaning
2. Metals – Car Maintenance, Rust and Corrosion Removal, Paint Removal, Weld Cleaning, Aluminium Satin Finishing
3. Wood – Wood Cleaning by Wood Restorers, Joiners, Decorators, Antique
Furniture Restoration, Wood Boat Cleaning
4. Graffiti – Graffiti Removal on all substances
5. Cleaning – Special Cleaning in Food Production Industries, especially on Stainless Steel
6.  Boats – De-scaling and Cleaning Engine Drive Shafts and the Removal of “Acorn Barnacles”, Algae and Paint from Fibre Glass and Wooden Boats
For more information visit www.ibix.it and click on the UK flag.
  Tel:    01547 540654
Web: http://www.ibix.it
Email: nc@ibixukltd.co.uk


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