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  Alternative to the skip for waste disposal - HIPPOWASTE  

The HIPPOBAG™ is an exceptionally strong bag alternative to the skip that takes the hassle factor out of the removal and disposal of significant quantities of construction waste.

The bags are stored flat-packed ready for use so avoids delays waiting for the arrival of skips. Available in two convenient sizes with a capacity of 1.5 tonnes of waste, the HIPPOBAG™ is ideal for working in small, confined spaces and minimises costly double-handling of waste.

Once full, HIPPOWASTE™ collect, transport and dispose of the bags and their waste in a responsible way, recycling in excess of 80%.

For more information visit

www.hippowaste.co.uk or call 0870 880 2430.
  Tel:    0870 880 2430
Web: http://www.hippowaste.co.uk
Email: amanda.king@hippowaste.co.uk
Fax:   N/A


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