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  Loose laid matting - Gripfit  
  We would like to introduce the new gripfit® product range, designed to solve loose laid matting problems raised in the Disability Discrimination Act and BS 8300:2001. gripfit® has been developed with leading entrance matting manufacturers such as 3M and Milliken, access consultants and serviced matting companies to provide a system that secures a loose mat to the floor and still allow for the benefit of the mat being serviced on a weekly or fortnightly basis. gripfit® is a secure matting system for companies who wish to comply with the technical requirements and consider the duties contained within the DDA and BS8300:2001.

The system comprises of an aluminium frame that is fixed to any hard floor - a loose mat is then placed within the frame and an upper aluminium extrusion clamps the mat securely into place. The system has a combined height of only 7.5mm and offers further benefits of providing a tactile surface as set out in the DETR regulations.
• Ability to handle high volumes of foot traffic
• Designed to be used in sites that have wheeled traffic
• Benefits sites that require multi placement locations
• Increases the levels of safety to large entrance areas
• Can be installed on slopes and ramps

Key Product Benefits
• gripfit® allows mats to be easily removed for cleaning/replacing
• gripfit® is a specifically designed entrance flooring system, which can be fitted in any location
• Loose matting is held securely in place by its edges, without the use of adhesives
• Ultra Low profile design, combined height of 7.5mm
• Allows doors to open and close over the frame with no movement of matting
• Tactile edging allows visually impaired users to clearly know they are moving between different floor surfaces
• gripfit® can be used on slopes and ramps

Key Site Benefits
• Mats stay in place, where they are most effective
• Mats cannot be moved by staff members, who may have previously moved mats to alternative locations
• Money spent on serviced matting is ensured as mat is always in use, in its best location
• gripfit® can be installed onto any floor surface, vinyl, wood, laminate, concrete, and terrazzo floors
• Minimal damage to floor surfaces, as product is screwed or glued to the floor surface
• Quick installation and removal for non fixed displays
• Professional installation ensures that the product is placed correctly each time • Mats are held securely in place, and cannot be removed without using the gripfit®tool • Mats are held securely in place at their edges enhancing security & stability.
  Tel:    08700 208869
Web: http://www.gripfit.net
Email: rob.lelliott@gripfit.net
Fax:   08700 208870


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