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  Global Environmental. Asbestos consultancy to UK schools and colleges - Global Environmental  

 Global Environmental has the skills and resources to help head teachers, school governors, trustees (i.e. duty holders), developers and contractors to discharge their duties under the Control of Asbestos Regulations and the Construction, Design and Management Regulations.

Our services include:


We can arrange for a survey of your school to be conducted in which our experts will identity any asbestos containing materials present, assess their condition and risk and recommend the most appropriate course of action.

Depending on the circumstances, the survey may entail visual inspection, non-intrusive sampling, destructive sampling and laboratory analysis.


We can offer advice or manage the whole process for you from surveying your premises, preparing/maintaining your management plan and providing a schedule of ongoing inspection and monitoring. We can even project manage any remediation including preparing a documented specification, procuring a suitable licensed contractor and supervising the works on-site.


We offer a range of training courses and seminars to educate clients and occupants about asbestos awareness and management. Our asbestos awareness ½ day seminars are suitable for maintenance staff, building/property managers and persons responsible for Health & Safety.

Our Guide to Managing Asbestos in Schools booklet is available to download here: http://www.globalenvironmental.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2015/01/A-Guide-to-Managing-Asbestos-in-Schools.pdf

For more information, please contact Paul Phillips on Tel 01279 213 600 or email


  Tel:    01279 213 600
Web: http://www.globalenvironmental.co.uk
Email: info@globalenvironmental.co.uk


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