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  Girbau UK Boosts Laundry Performance for Four Seasons Healthcare - Girbau UK  
Girbau UK offers customers in the UK the most complete range of laundry equipment available from any supplier in the sector including:
•     washers,
•     tumble dryers
•     ironers,
•     folders
•     stackers
The newly-launched 6 Series of high speed (HS) washers from Girbau UK has been designed to meet the highest quality, reliability and environmental standards. Available in seven models with capacities from 9kg to 122 kg, the HS 6 series washers reach spin speeds of up to 1000rpm and their wash process has been specifically designed to optimise the use of water and energy, making them Girbau’s most energy efficient and environmentally- friendly ever.
•     Energy and water-saving machines
•     364-days per year service operation for all makes
•     Free laundry design service
•     Low cost rental deals
  Tel:    0844 391 0395
Web: http://www.girbau.co.uk
Email: sales@girbau.co.uk
Fax:   01462 427799


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