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  Swimming Pool Water Treatment & Disinfection Specialists - Gaffey Technical Services Ltd  

Gaffey Technical Services Ltd. is one of the UK’s leading companies in the field of commercial swimming pool water treatment. Established in 1986, Gaffey provides innovative products and expert technical support to over 500 clients including local authorities, hotels and commercial pools throughout the UK.

We can supply bespoke solutions to all applications, from small hydrotherapy pools and spas to Olympic size multi-pool complexes. Our products & services include; PRO-SEC Electrochlorination systems, calcium hypochlorite tablet feeders, automatic pH & free chlorine controllers, bulk tank systems for acids & hypochlorites, CO2 installations, filtration plant inspection and refurbishment services, site-specific staff training and a range of on-site service packages, all backed by the best technical support in the business.

With our experience and expertise in pool water treatment at your disposal, we can help you give your customers what they expect from today’s leisure experience

refreshing, hygienic, crystal clear water with no odour or irritation.
  Tel:    01706 226581
Web: http://www.gaffey.co.uk
Email: info@gaffey.co.uk
Fax:   01706 223622


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