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  UK stainless steel sink manufacturer, shelving supplier, storage manufacturer & Stainless Steel catering equipment suppliers - GEC Anderson Ltd  
  Uses and users The inherent versatility of GEC Anderson stainless steel products means that examples are found, not only in architecturally designed domestic kitchens and interiors but also in virtually every other sector: transport, industry, health, welfare, leisure, religion, education, culture, science as well as administration and commerce. Customers served range from enduser individuals to corporate multinationals assisted by world-renowned architects and designers. Why choose GEC Anderson stainless steel GEC Anderson stainless steel is highly durable, resilient to heat, fire and sustained heavy use and is aseptic (totally hygienic). Minimal product maintenance requirements yield low lifetime costs. It is 100% recyclable. Heightened awareness of food contamination issues, harmful emissions and toxins reinforce the trend towards use of stainless steel. However, it is the ability to form stainless steel into attractive and desirable products with superior performance characteristics - visual and functional - that offers the key to using stainless steel successfully. In many instances, stainless steel is the only meaningful choice for serious long-term use.  
  Tel:    01442 82 6999
Web: http://www.gecanderson.co.uk
Email: info@gecanderson.co.uk
Fax:   01442 82 5999


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