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  Doors, windows, grilles, gates, structural steelworks, barriers & turnstiles, design, installation - GAME Engineering Ltd  

GAME Engineering Ltd designs, manufactures and installs a range of Steel Doors, Security Doors, Security Gates, Security Windows, Security Grilles, Structural Steelworks, Glazing Safety & Security Systems and Barriers, Gates & Turnstiles as well as providing a Bespoke manufacturing service.

GAME are approved manufacturers, suppliers and installers for the Home Office, the Metropolitan Police and the Scottish Prison Service and provide innovative, expert high security solutions to HM Prisons and Young Offenders Institutes, Police Stations, CPS (Magistrates and Crown Courts), Customs & Excise, Immigration Centres and Hospitals.


  Tel:    01522 868021
Web: http://www.game-security-engineering.com
Email: sales@game-security-engineering.com
Fax:   01522 868027


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