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  Providing the most dynamic e-safety solutions for the changing digital environment - Future Digital  

Safeguarding the Digital Generation

Future Digital provides your school with the most comprehensive e-safety solutions keeping students safe online while helping them to become responsible digital citizens.

In today's tech savvy environment where children are growing up as digital natives and have unprecedented access to the internet schools are increasingly faced with new safeguarding challenges. Future Digital products offer a dynamic solution that puts you in control by providing you with complete visibility across your school’s digital environment ensuring that your students get the most out of the internet while staying safe.

Future Digital solutions protect students by monitoring, capturing and alerting you to potentially harmful content or behaviour allowing you to safeguard against online dangers such as inadvertent exposure to inappropriate websites, cyberbullying, grooming, online gambling and un-moderated chatrooms. Future Digital products are available across a range of devices.

Key Features

  • Displays and enforces your Acceptable Use Policy.

  • Identifies and captures all potentially harmful computer use. 

  • Alerts you to concerning behaviour or content that requires immediate intervention.

  • Monitors quantity and quality of Internet use with the capability to block if necessary. 

  • Allows you to set your own parameters such as Sexual Content, Bullying, Drugs, Racism

  • Logs user, computer and time for future reference.

  • Creates clear automated reporting directly from the console for viewing and exporting.

  • A cost effective, fully scalable solution.

  Tel:    08444848908
Web: http://www.futuredigital.solutions
Email: enquiries@futuredigital.email
Fax:   08458624048


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