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  Firstlight Energy - The Power behind Renewables - FirstLight Energy Ltd  

The need to cut carbon emissions and reduce reliance on dwindling natural resources has never been so critical. The threat of climate change from global warming has galvanised many into taking action, from government down to private individuals. Bringing about change, and delivering renewable energy targets, is crucial in the drive to minimise our impact upon the Earth.

Firstlight Energy is at the forefront of this drive, pioneering cutting edge renewable technologies that reduce carbon emissions, lower energy consumption and minimise costs.

By working with internationally recognised technical experts in a number of renewables fields including solar thermal, energy storage using phase change technology, wind turbines, natural sunlight provision and air destratification units the company has developed a unique portfolio of high quality products specifically designed to make the most of natural resources. Importantly, each of these products is next generation, allowing them to offer highly efficient performance that is virtually unrivalled within the marketplace.

Firstlight Energy operates throughout Europe, and is committed to offering public and private sector clients the very best in sustainable energy solutions at a justifiable cost. It supports them through the specification and installation process and is an expert advisor on grant aid and financing options.

Firstlight Energy renewable solutions that deliver the environmental expectations of clients without costing the earth.

  Tel:    01732 783534
Web: http://www.firstlightenergy.com
Email: info@firstlightenergy.com
Fax:   01732 362626


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