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  Interactive digital resources and teacher training for Media Literacy & Moving Image Art - Film Education  

Film Education provides the unique connection between the UK film industry and education. Now BAFTA Award winners, Film Education leads the way in providing forward-thinking, accessible and informed guidance to all those teaching or learning about the moving image.

Curriculum Online Approved www.filmeducation.org

The website provides an unrivalled bank of free resources and topical information on all subjects related to teaching the moving image in the classroom. Popular features include a Film Library of over 1,000 recommended titles, links and news.

Visit the online shop to source cutting-edge, interactive digital resources for primary and secondary schools.

National Schools Film Week www.filmeducation.org

Every October NSFW enables nearly a million primary and secondary school children throughout the country to experience, discuss and study a whole range of films from the UK and around the world. Film Industry Masterclasses, 'Meet the Critic' events and a range of workshops support many of the films. All screenings and events are free of charge.

The Young Film Critic of the Year www.youngfilmcritic.org

Students aged between 4-18 are invited to enter the competition and are asked to write and submit a review of any film in no more than 250 words (in the 15-18 and 11-14 age categories) or 200 words (7-11 years) whilst Foundation Stage and KS1 children (of 3-7) are invited to draw a scene or poster from a favourite film.

Digital Resources - http://www.filmeducation.org/interactive/index.html

NEW FOR 2007

PRIMARY PICTURACY: A brand new collection of Interactive DVD Resource packs for Primary Teachers - explored through six introductory themes:

1. Film at Key Stage 1
2. Myths, Legends and Fairy Tales
3. Scriptwriting and Storyboarding
4. Book to Film Adaptations
5. Story Structure
6. Digital Video Production for the Primary Classroom

The DVD format allows teachers to screen film clips on interactive whiteboards for lessons in communication skills, creative writing, speaking and listening. Teachers' Notes, pupil worksheets and a library of still images are also included within the resource. Suitable for all teachers of KS1 & KS2, £35.00 per DVD resource pack.

SCREENSTORY: The third title in the 'MOPIX' series of interactive digital resources examining different elements of film language, concepts, narrative and genre.

ScreenStory is an interactive DVD-ROM produced with the support of the UK Film Council which takes as its focus screenwriting and storyboarding for short films. Special features include:

* four short films plus interviews with award-winning film directors and screenwriters
* interactive tasks on screenwriting and storyboarding for short films
Suitable for Film, Media Studies & English at GCSE, AS /A2, £45.00.

For more details about Film Education's services and resources please email postbox@filmeducation.org

  Tel:    020 7851 9450
Web: http://www.filmeducation.org
Email: cathm.mercer@btinternet.com
Fax:   020 7439 3218


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