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  Aycliffe Secure Centre improves content control with Exterity IPTV - Exterity  


Aycliffe Secure Centre provides specialist secure accommodation for young people between the ages of 11 and 17. The centre protects a range of young people, from those who are facing criminal proceedings and are on remand, through to those who are a risk to themselves or to others. The centre offers integrated assessment, intervention, education, accommodation and leaving care facilities to ensure that young people can successfully return to their families or enter independent living when they leave the centre. 

The Challenge

Having been in the same building for 30 years, Aycliffe decided to upgrade its facilities and construct a purpose built centre on the same site. As part of the move Aycliffe wanted to provide a more state-of-the-art media system for its residents. The team’s highest priority is protecting their residents from harm, so their old solution, where residents had portable TVs and radios in each bedroom connected by loose electrical leads, was a security risk. There was also no way of controlling what residents watched based on their age or their behaviour.

“Watching live television, DVDs and listening to music is an important part of keeping our residents occupied during their free time,” said Gill Palin, Strategic Manager at Aycliffe Secure Centre. “It was therefore vital that we installed a reliable solution as well as one that gave us more control over the content.” 

The Solution

Aycliffe conducted extensive research into what solution would meet its needs and tasked ACEDA, the leading IT business integration provider, with installing an Exterity IPTV system.

The solution, which was installed as part of the construction, combined Exterity’s Avedia Player Receivers, connecting digital TVs and AV displays to Aycliffe’s IP network so they can receive TV and video channels, with AvediaStream TVgateways to capture live TV and radio and make it available via the IP network to end users. AvediaStream Encoders encode information from devices including DVD players and set-top boxes, making them available as a single channel.

Vital to the installation was Exterity’s AvediaServer, an application-based platform that enables greater control of content and extends viewing to a PC or Mac. AvediaServer provides a library of VOD content, scheduled play channels, Electronic Program Guide information and interface options to deliver a truly bespoke IPTV solution.



ACEDA's solution has allowed all residents to access live television and Video on Demand (VOD) content including films, catch-up TV and music, via a webplayer in their room.


By integrating the solution with Microsoft Active Directory and providing each resident with an individual username and password, which they can use in their rooms and on PCs around the centre, ACEDA has enabled Aycliffe to restrict access to its residents or tailor the service to each individual. This ensures that Aycliffe can provide content that is appropriate for the age of each individual as well as adding additional media to reward good behaviour.

“The Exterity solution that ACEDA installed has given us the flexibility we need,” continued Gill Palin. “We can now ensure that each of our residents can view the type and amount of content that’s appropriate for their age and behaviour. And because it’s an integrated IPTV solution, there are no dangerous wires lying around, so we have the peace of mind that the young people under our care are safe.”

In addition, the solution has enabled digital screens in staff areas and reception to be used as digital signage, providing visitors with information about the centre and their visit and giving staff up to date information on the schedule for the day and any incidents in the centre.

Colin Farquhar, CEO, Exterity concluded: "One of the major benefits of our IPTV solution is the centralised control it provides. Aycliffe Secure Centre is a unique example of an organisation using that control to meets its needs, by ensuring the correct content is accessed by the correct people.But all types of organisations, from hotels looking to provide bespoke content to their guests to businesses looking to provide specific training content to each of its employees, can benefit from this level of control.'

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