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  EverEdge - Landscape Edging & Raised Beds - EverEdge  

The EverEdge range of products were invented in Shropshire and are still manufactured in the Midlands, so your carbon footprint when buying EverEdge is as low as it can be. Coming from a background in steel production, the inventor has stuck to what he knows and has produced a range of edging and raised beds made from tough, long lasting yet flexible galvanised mild steel.

The edging is designed to solve the age old problem of maintaining neat edges in a range of situations whilst the raised beds, a new addition to the EverEdge range, have been built with ease of use in mind.

Classic EverEdge - 1m long galvanised steel strips available in 75, 100 or 125mm depths and 1.6 and 2.5mm thicknesses

EverEdge ProEdge - 2.5m lengths of galvanised steel edging available in 2.5mm thickness and the same standard depths as the Classic range. This product is more suited to larger jobs.

EverEdge Bespoke - 2.5 or 3.0m lengths of heavy duty edging that can be supplied in a range of depths, thicknesses and materials (galvanised steel, corten, stainless steel and Aluminium). This product is designed to provide an edge for any situation. By its very nature, Bespoke is whatever you need it to be.

EverEdge EasyBed - Galvanised steel raised bed system. A modular system that has been designed with simplicity in mind. Quick to put together and move and easy to store, the EasyBed is ideal for people who want an attractive, tough, durable and simple raised bed system at home or in their schools.

All of the above products are supplied in a range of colours and all have been invented, designed and are still manufactured in the UK.


  Tel:    01453 731717
Web: http://www.everedge.co.uk
Email: info@everedge.co.uk
Fax:   01453 731127


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