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  School effectiveness and improvement, pupil assessment and progress tracking software - EES for Schools  

EES for Schools (owned by Essex County Council) provides a range of specialist education services all focused on improving school effectiveness. Our mission is to help schools of all types become (and stay) the best places of learning they can possibly be.

We work with over 4,500 schools across the UK and in 21 countries worldwide, delivering sophisticated software (including Target Tracker which is now used by over 25% of primary schools), training and consultancy services in the areas of school effectiveness and improvement, pupil assessment and progress tracking, clerking, finance, HR, governor services and school library services.

A comprehensive review of the international research base into school effectiveness led us to 'The 25 Characteristics of High-Performing Schools' which form the foundations of our new School Effectiveness+ (SE+) service.

SE+ supports a school-led improvement system, allowing schools to evaluate themselves, identify their strengths and weaknesses, benchmark against other schools, and have a clear view of their improvement priorities. The service has been successfully trialled by 80 pilot schools in Essex, with 97% of headteachers saying SE+ would have a positive impact on learning outcomes.

To find out more, visit EESforschools.org.

  Tel:    0845 2008600
Web: http://www.eesforschools.org
Email: enquiries@eesforschools.org


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