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  ECO-Logic provides highly effective electronic water control systems and secure sanitaryware. - ECO-Logic (UK) EMPS Limited  

ECO-Logic Electronic Controls and secure sanitary ware have become standard in secure markets due to their proven reliability, cost effective operation and low maintenance.


Durability and secure installation methods have contributed to the increased level of confidence, together with the significant water and energy savings available throughout the life of the building.

ECO-Logic has an extensive and versatile range of controllers and fittings for secure environments.


Developed in close consultation with specifiers in the secure market, they incorporate many unique features.  They are impossible to dismantle and use as a weapon and the ‘through-the-wall’ range of non-ligature brassware drastically reduces the risk of self-harm.  ECO-Logic recommends screwless fixtures wherever possible, using strong wall/panel conduits which connect into the service ducts.


Each Basin, Shower, Bath & WC can be individually programmed to provide appropriate run times, fill levels and water temperature. ECO-Logic Controllers can be programmed to 'Lockout' to prevent misuse and entire areas or individual wing can be shutdown remotely for maintenance or to stabilise a situation of unrest.  Flood Sensors and ‘second safety’ temperature fail-safes are also available.


ECO-Logic Controls are digital and solid state and run on proven, ultra-safe 6 volt technology using battery or mains power.  For mains power we supply a range of robust 230v/6vDC transformers.  When supplying transformers, the battery is retained, to act as backup should power failure occur. Typically a battery life of 3-5 years can be expected.  Unlike other systems, ECO electronics have a ‘Non-Volatile Memory’, which means they do not require re-programming following maintenance or power failure.


All ECO-Logic controls are easy to use and have been developed specifically to save water, energy, CO2 and space.  The controls also keep maintenance costs to an absolute minimum.


In many cases, by involving ECO-Logic early in the design stage, the overall capital cost of the building can be less than a standard building using conventional brassware controls.  This is especially true of apartment style construction, such as worker, nurse & student accommodation and hotels because the service duct space can be reduced, and therefore the building size for the same occupancy.  This in turn reduces energy costs, with regard to lighting, heating and air-conditioning due to building size reduction. 


ECO-Logic Controls are the ideal specification for new build and refurbishment projects under Private Finance Initiative (PFI) Schemes.   Recent projects include a large 500 bedroom Immigration Centre in Bedfordshire and Ashworth, Wakefield and St Andrews Mental Health Facilities.  ECO-Logic products specified for PFI (or similarly financed) projects provide significant profits over the term of the contract due to the inherent water, energy and maintenance cost savings.  Indeed, Architects and Consortiums continue to increase their specification of ECO-Logic controls due the sensible capital costs, easy maintenance and long life.  Payback is quick and the financial benefits long term.


All ECO-Logic Controls have International Patents and Copyrights are designed, tested and manufactured in the UK.  ECO-Logic systems are approved by BS/EC and WRC and the electronics have CE approval.


A comprehensive design facility is available with equipment scheduling, commissioning services and product training.

  Tel:    0121 766 3016
Web: http://www.ecologicuk.com
Email: info@ecologicuk.com
Fax:   0121 766 3064


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