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  Dual Seal Glass Limited - Dual Seal Glass Limited  
Dual Seal Glass is one of the UK's leading independent processors of high performance vision and insulated spandrel glass panels for the building products and construction markets.
As an independent company Dual Seal is able to process glass from all the major flat glass manufacturers and is therefore in a position to give all clients totally unbiased technical advice and product guidance. This independence allows Dual Seal to deliver innovative bespoke solutions to meet the ever-increasing demands placed on the glazing envelope of modern day buildings.
Dual Seal Glass is one of four UK companies to have been awarded the prestigious licences to manufacture specialist structural silicone units for both Schuco International and Kawneer Aluminium glazing systems.
Using the latest in-house technology for tempering, heat soaking, ceramic coatings and insulating glass manufacture, the company offers a comprehensive range of products in the following categories:
DualTherm 'Solar'
The DualTherm ‘Solar’ range incorporates a wide variety of glasses which when used in combination with the performance of a low-E coating offers a competitive solution to the reduction of solar heat gain and improved thermal insulation. This reduces air conditioning and heating costs and lessens the environmental impact of the building. Dual Seal Glass can help to improve the solar control of buildings in a number of ways including use of tinted glass, coated glass, laminated glass with tinted interlayers and Dual Seal insulating glass units incorporating integral blinds.
DualTherm 'HP'
DualTherm 'HP' insulating glass units incorporate high performance single surface coatings that offer top class solar control glazing, coupled with the benefits of thermal insulation. This multi-faceted product range has been established to satisfy the increasing demand for high light transmission and colour-neutrality, without sacrificing effective solar control and the energy-relevant demands on building envelopes. The comprehensive range also offers colour options and enhanced reflectivity.
To enhance the performance benefits of Dual Therm 'HP' insulating glass units the ‘Warm Edge Technology’ range has been developed, incorporating a special stainless steel thermal spacer which reduces the heat bridges and improves the surface temperature at the edge of the glass. This system reduces the linear thermal transmittance coefficient Ψ by approximately 25%.
DualTherm 'E'
All DualTherm 'E' Insulating glass units incorporate the advanced performance of ‘soft coat’ Low-E glass which provides thermal insulation almost three times better than ordinary double glazing.
The DualTherm 'E' range of glasses offer a high level of light transmission, maximising the entry of natural daylight into the building. Available in annealed, toughened or laminated format the Low-E coating is remarkably neutral in both transmission and reflection and by combining the coating with other specialist glass products a comprehensive range of high performance, multi functional insulating glass solutions can be achieved.
DualSpan Ceramic Painted Panels are coloured panels for use in curtain wall applications. The ceramic paint coating is fired onto the float glass substrate during the tempering process. The result is a durable scratch resistant, permanent coloured finish. Ten standard colours are offered and additional bespoke colours are available on request.
DualSpan Ceramic Panels can be manufactured in a 6mm to 10mm float and can be incorporated into DualSpan Insulating Glass Units. They are all manufactured in accordance with BS EN 12150 'Glass in Building - Thermally toughened soda lime safety silicate glass'. They can be either insulated or non-insulated. Insulated DualSpan Panels can have pre-finished pressed metal tray or foil backings.
DualTherm 'Clean'
DualTherm 'Clean' is a comprehensive range of products incorporating the new generation of ‘online’ self-cleaning coatings that use the power of the elements to combat dirt deposited onto the exterior face of glass. These products offer a composite cleaning solution for external glazing that is exposed to light and rain, and are particularly effective in urban, countryside and heavily polluted areas close to traffic, airports and industrial estates.
The transparent coatings of hydrophilic and photocatalytic mineral materials onto clear glass are pyrolitic, and are therefore fully ‘process capable’ to satisfy current safety and thermal demands in buildings.   These coatings are also available on a wide range of DualTherm 'HP', DualTherm 'Solar', DualTherm 'E' and DualTherm 'Sound' products.
DualTherm 'Sound'
Glass is one of many components that influence the acoustic performance of vertical wall glazing systems, windows and doors. DualTherm ‘Sound’ insulating glass units incorporate the latest SGG STADIP SILENCE® acoustic laminates that overcome the drop in the acoustic insulating performance of glass at the critical frequency.
  Tel:    01484 420030
Web: http://www.dualsealglass.co.uk
Email: sales@dulasealglass.co.uk
Fax:   01484 420092


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