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  The 'Detek' water leak detection system - Detek Systems Ltd  
  Detek Systems Ltd are one of the largest established manufacturers of water detection alarms, with over 40 years of experience. In our ever-growing world of technology advancement, we are all becoming increasingly dependant on the reliability and performance of Control Systems. Many of the main cable highway are hidden beneath false floors or within celing voids. Once installed they are very seldom checked, so any floodwater will go unnoticed until it is too late. It is far more effective to have an early warning system to protect you against the failure of these cable highways than to count the cost after the systems have broken down. The DETEK System is a water detection alarm designed to be used in situations where not just flooding but also undue dampness could cause damage or ultimately become dangerous. The system comprises of an electric monitoring alarm control panel connected to sensors / sensing cable located in areas requiring protection. There are various types of sensors to allow for personal requirements of areas to be protected. The DETEK System has been designed for ease of installation and the modern electronics ensure the highest degree of reliability.  
  Tel:    01707 663660
Web: http://www.deteksystems.co.uk
Email: deteksys@hotmail.com
Fax:   01707 665554


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