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  Telescopik - Deesign Partnership  

Telescopik cone. We know space and safety are big issues nowdays. Our goal is to provide you with the best telescopic equipment: compact, space saving, safe, ergonomic, state-of-the-art products and user friendly. From 5 cms - (2 inches) to 70 cms - (28 inches) in 2 seconds, compact, easy to fit in any vehicles, innovative and safe with one LED light included inside the cone for low visibility conditions 300 hours with 2 AAA batteries - steady or flashing mode. 2 High visibility reflective bands are included. Super bright LED light included inside the cone: the whole cone body flash! Flashing light bar included : fits at the top of the cone to increase safety.


Telescopik Ladder

Most ladders can be carried, but the Telesteps is portable in the true sense of the world.  You'll be able to avoid problems in lifts, stairways, or any tight spaces. You can decide for yourself how long you want the ladder to be, so you will always have the right reach for every job.

Telescopik Barricade

Vehicle and pedestrian traffic control. Lightweight, Easy to carry, Quick set up, Ideal for sign display, Exceptional visibility achieved with 52 reflective strips.  Bottom of legs can be filled with up to 20 lbs Weight : 15 lbs, Maximum span 90", Locks into place at desired length,  Color : fluorescent orange Made of high density polyethylene : impact and temperature resistant

Telescopic Light Tower

The Telescopic Light Tower* is designed to fill the temporary lighting needs for events, construction, emergency responders, recreation and where you need lighting without transporting those big light trailers. The unit comes in a fiberglass case for transportation and storage and fits in the trunk of a car. Simply remove the lid, plug in tower to 110V or a generator, turn fan on and the tower is filled with air via a built-in fan in less than a minute to give you a 15 foot tall tower. The light source is a 875 watt metal halide bulb that reaches full brightness after about 5 minutes. The unit is so quiet you can stand beside the unit and carry on a normal conversation.

The tower body is made of a light weight ripstop material that acts as a light tube to give off a very even matt lighting. The quality of the light is easy on the eyes and excellent for reading or work.

The Telescopic Light Tower is a light source that will light up to 100,000 square feet anywhere that can be easily transported in the trunk of a vehicle and deployed by one person.

Telescopic Light Tower - 875 watts, emergency field lighting, illumination up to 100 000 square feet in darkness! Its the alternative light source that is portable and immediatly available for various applications

The GTM Telescopic light collapses to only 2 feet for easy carry and storage (2 ft x 1.5 ft x 1.5 ft)

Its quickly and easily installed by a single person (3 minutes), good stability on the ground, light and compact (fits in a car trunk), full extension of the Tower: 15 feet, the 1000 watts metal halide lamp is positionned at a working height of 15 feet.

Applications: Police, Fire, Emergency Departments, First Responders, Road construction, Night works, National Defense - Homeland security,Utilities, Rental business, Pavement, Studios, Public works...etc etc

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