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  Solar Shading Solutions - De Leeuw Ltd  

The supply and installation of Internal and external roller blinds. Horizontal, vertical, inclined, shaped, tensioned, acoustically absorbant or translucent, manual or motorised as required for site specific circumstances.

All with the latest scientifically tested solar shading fabric providing the highest levels of reflectance, absorbance or transmittance as required.

De Leeuw Ltd is a specialist in optical and thermal reflector technology. It is also a distributor of advanced solar shading control systems and fabric solutions for use in architectural, interior design, construction, manufacturing and promotional printing applications.

Formed in 1983, De Leeuw Ltd also design and supply solar and glare control systems and hardware to the European blind industry It functions principally as a holding company for two divisions which distribute solar glare, reflection and thermal insulation control systems and materials.

  Tel:    01989 750005
Web: http://www.deleeuw-ltd.co.uk
Email: info@deleeuw-ltd.co.uk
Fax:   01989 750768


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