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  Integrated Aluminium Eaves Systems ,Guttering and Solar Shading - Dales Aluminium Building Products  

Designers and manufacturers of bespoke eaves and solar shading systems

ldescription: Dales Aluminium Building Products supply quality eaves line and guttering products with their particular prowess being the close attention to detail and the ties built up with designers and contractors in terms of design assistance and participation.


The Aluminium Guttering and Rainwater Pipe are supplied in a variety of styles and sizes to suit all building types and include Dales jointing method, which is user friendly, boltless and extremely reliable.


The company’s Meridian aluminium coping systems come is in a well tried format with snap fit to fixing brackets that can incorporate a slope or a ridge design that simulates the ever popular masonry wall cappings and can be made to suit all wall widths.


Fascias and Soffits are Dales core business where innovative design and manufacturing techniques combine to provide the highest quality systems to enhance the building at the all important eaves line. The fascias usually combine with a gutter that may be concealed or visible and Dales ‘Monocoque’ support systems are often employed to form the backbone of the installation ensuring perfect line and level.


Dales ‘ Shadex’ Solar Shading systems compliment the other products as forming a part of the external envelope and can be designed, supplied and fitted within the same contract package and will provide further continuity in terms of colour and finishing.



For information call Dales 0n 0115 930 1521 or visit the website on www.dales-eaves.co.uk

  Tel:    0115 930 1521
Web: http://www.dales-eaves.co.uk
Email: techinfo@dales-eaves.co.uk
Fax:   0115 930 7625


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